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How is EventPrints different?
Unlike most invitation stores, we are the designer and the printer. This allows incredible flexibility to create an invitation that you can call your own. Change the text and most colors used in your design. You can even use a different invitation back with the invitation front side you've selected.

Walk into most stationery or invitation stores and you're presented with book after book of tired invitations. You may think you're buying local, but they're often printed by a mysterious wholesale printer in a far off state. Ask other invitation sellers if they are they are the ones who actually print your invitation – the answer may surprise you!

Can you really buy distinctive, high quality invitations online?
Seems like a scary thought, right? But, we've taken the fear out of buying online. You'll receive an invitation that is professionally printed on the finest papers and represents the latest design trends. Plus creative designs you simply won't find at the stationary shop. 
Learn more about the secrets of buying an invitation that the other guys don't want you to know.

Will I see your designs elsewhere?
All of our invitation designs are original and unique. We created each design and you won't see them at any other store or web site. Unlike the dusty books you see at pretty much every stationary store, chances are your guests will have never seen your EventPrints invitation before. 

How long does the process take?
Because we do our own printing, we offer some of the fastest print times in the premium invitation industry.

Your custom proofs
Your initial proof, customized and designed just for you, is ready in just 3-4 business days from the time we receive your order and deposit. Subsequent edits are completed in a speedy 1-2 days (typically just 1 day). 

Printing your invitations after proof approval
Printing begins after you approve all proofs. Orders approved by 3 pm eastern time will be entered same day. After 3 pm, your order will be entered for printing on the next business day. Print time is 5 business days (one calendar week, excluding holidays), so if you approve your order on a Tuesday, it will usually ship on the following Tuesday. We process orders every day of the business week, so you can approve your order any business day and we enter it for printing on that same day. We'll email you an invoice within a few days, and at least one day prior to shipping which you may pay online with a credit card or directly from your checking account. 

We offer some of the fastest print times in the premium invitation industry. We are committed to adhering to this production schedule, so regret that we cannot offer faster print times, as it might impact the completion time for orders from other eager clients as anxious as you are.

We generally suggest contacting us 4 months before your event. As your event date draws near, you will undoubtedly become busier, so getting the invitation out of the way is a great idea. Most invitations can be completed in about three weeks from start to finish (depending on the number of edits and how fast you approve each round). If you have a tight deadline, please give us a call to discuss your situation, as you may find we are much faster than many other invitation sellers.

Which parts of the invitation can I change for free?
We want you to be able to make each invitation your own, and you can change the most requested items at no cost. These include:

- changing the colors of the text
- changing the colors of most graphics used in your design (some images are photo based and changing the colors are an additional charge.)
- adding, deleting or editing most text. For instance, add party details to the invitation
- selecting any of our beautiful premium quality stocks for your invitation
- Adding a Hebrew name or phrase. Complete our Hebrew form online.

What edits are considered as custom design and cost extra to change?
We offer the most requested edits for free, but there are a few items that may incur an extra charge. Some edits may seem simple at first glance, but are actually very challenging and take a lot of design time due to the way these changes affect other elements in your invitation. 

NEW!  You may now change the font of the large name at the top of your invitation at no extra charge!
These are the types of customization that will likely incur an extra charge:

- Changes to the fonts (other than the large name) used in your invitation 
- Changes to the layout of the invitation that require us to reposition text and graphics
- Changing your template or invitation design that you would like to use after receiving your first set of proofs
- Adding a logo or custom graphic that we create for you, or that you provide to us

How many times can I make edits without paying extra?
After receiving your first set of proofs, you may make your first round of edits for free. We'll send you a new set of proofs to review with your changes. You may then make another set of edits and receive another set of proofs at no additional cost. The vast majority of our clients are able to complete all of their edits using our complimentary editing allowance. 

If you're also ordering addressed invitation envelopes, we'll send you a set of proofs and you may then make one round of edits to your spreadsheet.  We'll send you a new set of proofs to show how your envelopes will print. 

How do I set up my mailing list?
We'll address your invitation envelopes for just 89¢ each in the same colors and style as your invitation. To properly address your mail, please send us your list in a spreadsheet: Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers are all popular choices. You may also try Zoho which is a free online spreadsheet. CLICK HERE for a sample template and additional info.  Note, we must have your data in a spreadsheet - sorry, no Word files.

We are happy to provide estimates for postage, but strongly recommend you take your invitation to your post office to confirm the price before mailing.

Rectangle invitation:
Invitation with up to one party card (weighing up to 1 ounce): 50¢
Invitation with inserts, liners or RSVP cards: 71¢

Square invitation:
Invitation with up to one party card (weighing up to 1 ounce): $1.00
Invitation with inserts, liners or RSVP cards: $1.21

Reply card envelopes:

What is the size of the invitations?
You may order most invitations as a square or rectangular shape even if it is not shown that way. Sizes of our invitations are:

SQUARE:  Invitation is 7.25" x 7.25", Party card is 5.5" x 5.5"
RECTANGLE:  Invitation is 5.375" x 7.875", Party card is 5.375" x 5.375"
BOTH: Reply card is 5.5" x 4.25" and thank you cards are 5.5" x 4.25".

I had a logo made. Can you add it to my invitations?
Yes we can. Logos should be vector if possible. This means the file name ends in .ai or sometimes .eps.  If this is not an option, it must be a .png file.  No jpg files please, as this file type will not remove the white area around the logo. There is a charge of $25 to place your logo for most orders. In some instances, the charge is higher if we need to do more file work than expected, but the vast majority of logos placement is a flat rate $25. Please note, we are unable to design or print logos which include trademarked or copyrighted content, including cartoon or movie characters, major sporting events and corporate logos.

I am not a creative type. Is it hard to customize your invitations?
Not at all - we have done all the hard work for you.  You only need to decide on your personalization and colors.  Or leave them just like they are. We also provide lots of samples to help inspire you.  If you need some extra help, our Idea Consultants love to make suggestions and will help guide you through the process.

Most online invitation stores make you become a junior designer and try to layout your type and design in their template.  It's not an easy task and more often than not, the results do not yield the professional invitation you are looking for. At EventPrints, our onsite senior graphic artists take your info and customize your invitation just for you. The result is a polished, stunning invitation that you will be proud to send to your family and friends. 

Do you charge extra for edits and changes? How many proofs do I get?
We make it easy to work with us, and provide the most generous editing and proofing allowance in the industry. After submitting your customization info, we will send you your first set of proofs. Feel free to make changes and edits to the colors and text. We will then send you a new set of pdf proofs.  You can make more changes and we'll send you another set of proofs to review. That's two rounds of edits and three pdf proofs - all included! Additional edits are available for a nominal charge, but we find that the vast majority of our clients are able to finalize their designs by just using this generous editing allowance.

Suppose I want to change my selected colors or even the invitation template after I receive my proofs?
If you would like to change colors after receiving your FIRST proof and before you send us any edits, you may do so at no extra charge. If you decide to change colors after sending your edits for the first proof, a charge applies based on the degree of the change.  Most color change orders are $25. So, if you think you may wish to change colors, do it as soon as you receive your initial proof and there is no charge, 

At any point after we send you your initial proof, changing your invitation template requires a complete redesign. The charge for changing the invitation to a different design is $90 and includes an extra proof and editing round so you have opportunity to make any additional edits. 

Do you offer the option to receive a printed proof?
Most of our clients are happy with an on screen proof, but we offer the option to order a printed proof on the paper you have chosen for your invitations. This allows you to see exactly how your invitation will print. The charge for a printed proof is $35 and includes UPS ground delivery to your home or office. Please allow 3 business days for your proof, plus delivery time (typically 2 days to the east coast, south and midwest, 4 days to the west coast. 

Are there paper choices for my invitation? Do they cost extra?
We offer several premium papers that you may select from.  And, unlike most invitation sellers, we no longer charge extra for paper upgrades, even pearlescent paper. When you request your complimentary samples, we will include a paper swatch book.  Feel free to pick any paper in the book without an extra charge. If you ordered sample invitations from us, they would have most likely been printed on ice silver stock. Please note that thank you notes are printed on uncoated paper to make it easier to write on, regardless of the invitation paper ordered. 

Can I order samples without having to speak with someone? 
Absolutely - we will send you up to thee samples completely free of charge.  We even pay the postage. Even better, you won't have to schedule an appointment or endure a lengthy pre-qualification phone call. Of course, if you have questions or would prefer to chat with someone, we are delighted to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. The choice is yours. If you'd like up to six samples, we offer this option for a small $10 charge to offset the additional postage required.

Do you have a minimum order?
Our suites are priced a la carte so you can order only the pieces you want. Our minimum order is $495 excluding tax and shipping. Some custom products, such as pocket backers and sleeves, and event decor such as sign-in boards and menus, are not included in our minimum order amount. There is a 50 piece minimum for most items, while some speciality items have higher minimums.If ordering RSVP or weekend cards, we have a reduced minimum of 25 pieces after the first version. Review all of our prices or use our instant pricing tool for your total.

Is my deposit refundable? 
Your $195 deposit covers only a small portion of the cost of creating your invitation proof, customized just for you. Once we begin working on your invitation proof, the deposit is non refundable. If you cancel your order before you approve your proofs for printing, there is no additional payment due other than the deposit you have already paid. Once you approve your proofs for final printing, your order is considered final and the full payment is due and non refundable.

Can I order different quantities of different items, and are there quantity increments?
Yes, you may order different quantities of each item.  As an example, 100 invitations and 75 party cards. You may also order in increments of one, so ordering 101 invitations is fine. We never make you pay for extras you don't need. There is a 35 piece minimum for most items. We do suggest ordering a few extras, as reprints are much more expensive than ordering an extra few of each item. 

Can I put information on both sides of the Party or Weekend cards?
The standard option at $1.30 per card includes your custom content on one side of the card, with the invitation design on the back side.  If you would like to include custom content on both sides of the card, we offer an upgraded Party or Weekend card for $1.95 each. 

May I order different versions of an item, such as a reply card?
Yes, it is very common to order multiple versions of an item, so you can include different events for in town, out of town and immediate family. There is a $15 charge for adding each additional version of a reply card, while an extra version of any other item, including the invitation adds $25 if the changes are text only. Of course, changing the design adds an extra charge. Extensive layout changes may also incur an additional charge and your Idea Consultant will review this with you. 

Do you offer an RSVP postcard?
Based on client feedback, we only offer RSVP cards with the matching envelope. High speed postal processing equipment tends to tear up our fine papers, so we include the envelope with your return address printed for free on the front of the envelope. 

Will the colors on my screen print the same way on my invitations?
Every monitor is different, and colors on your screen will be close, but may not appear as they do when printed.  We recommend ordering samples of the designs you like, or refer to our color guide sent with every sample packed to see how colors you select will actually print. In addition, printed colors may change due to a number of factors, including humidity and paper composition from one case of paper to another. We regret that we cannot guarantee an exact color match even when ordering printed samples. 

Can you add foil printing to invitations I purchased elsewhere?
We only foil print items when we print the entire piece. 

Can you stuff and mail my invitations for me?
Our invitations are shipped to you ready to insert, stamp and mail.  At this time, we do not offer mailing services for our online invitations. Quite often, you may wish to send a different reply card or event card to different guests (for instance if they are out of town) so we find it best that you handle this final step yourself.  You may wish to enlist the services of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child so they feel part of the process!

What types of payment do you accept?
We welcome major credit cards, plus online checks. Atlanta clients may also pay in person at our showroom. We'll email your final invoice which will reflect your deposit payment at least a day before shipping. Final payment is due before your order ships. 

Important Notice Regarding Sales and Use Tax
We collect and remit sales tax for shipments delivered in the State of Georgia. We are not required to and do not collect sales tax in other states. Shipments to other states may be subject to sales or use tax unless the purchase is specifically exempt. Please note that there is no exemption from state sales or use tax based merely on the fact that a purchase is made over the Internet, by catalog, or by other remote means. Some states require that a consumer’s sales or use tax be paid annually on the appropriate tax forms. Additional information may be found on the respective Department of Revenue website.

Do you have any current deals or specials?
We offer tremendous value, flexibility and quality that others simply can't match. In addition, we are currently offering several specials including free or discounted UPS shipping, and a free paper upgrade. Our most popular special is our free return addressing on EVERY envelope.  We will professionally print your return address on the invitation envelope, thank you card envelope and reply envelope. This special will save you $1.50 or more for each invitation!  Click to see all of our specials.

How long have you been in business?
EventPrints, and our parent company, Presentech, are now in our 27th year of business.  We are a well established company and are members of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia, the Speciality Graphics Imaging Association of America and an HP Authorized Print Center. 

I already have my invitations. Can I order other items from you?
If you have already purchased your invitations elsewhere (banish the thought!), we can still help with many other items. These include:

- Printed items such as save the date cards and thank you notes
- Hospitality items such as table numbers, newsletters and hospitality bag inserts
- Venue decor such as sign-in boards, parking signs, place cards and dance floor graphics

We regret we cannot offer some items a la cart, such as envelope addressing, as these are only available with our invitation packages.  But, please ask and we'll be happy to quote as many items as we can to help make your day special.

Make a payment

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