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We've tried to include every possible question you may have, including information on our new Standard Size invitations at special savings. 
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Our contact and payment info is at the bottom of this page. If you still have questions or would like to speak with a member of our team, give us a call Monday through Friday from 9AM - 5PM EST or drop us a noteBe sure to visit our How to Order info page for additional information.

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Can I really buy distinctive, high quality invitations online?
We've taken the fear out of buying online! You'll receive an invitation that is professionally printed on the finest papers and represents the latest design trends, plus creative designs you simply won't find at the stationery shop. Learn more about the secrets of buying an invitation that the other guys don't want you to know.

How is EventPrints different?
Unlike most invitation stores, we are the designer and printer. This allows incredible flexibility to create an invitation that you can call your own. Change the text and most colors used in your design. You can even use a different invitation back with the invitation front side you've selected.

Walk into most stationery or invitation stores and you're presented with book after book of tired invitations. You may think you're buying local, but they're often printed by a mysterious wholesale printer in a far off state. Ask other invitation sellers if they are they are the ones who actually print your invitation. The answer may surprise you!

Will I see your designs everywhere?
All of our invitation designs are original and unique. We created each one and you won't see them at any other store or website. Unlike the dusty books you see at pretty much every stationery store, chances are your guests will have never seen your EventPrints invitation before.

When should I begin the ordering process?
We generally suggest contacting us 4 to 5 months before your event. As your event date draws near, you will undoubtedly become busier, so getting the invitation out of the way is a great idea. Most invitations can be completed in about three weeks from start to finish (depending on the number of edits and how fast you approve each round). If you have a tight deadline, please give us a call to discuss your situation, as you may find we are much faster than many other invitation sellers.

How long does it take?
Because we do our own printing, we offer some of the fastest print times in the premium invitation industry. Once your final payment is received, most orders will be printed and ready to ship in just 5 business days (one calendar week). Please note that a backer card adds one production day and foil printing adds 3-4 production days. If you need to re-order or reprint any items, please allow 5 business days for invitations, or 3 business days for envelopes. 

When should I place my order?
We suggest starting your order 3-5 months before your event. It is always better to have more time than less. 

I'm nearby. Can I stop by your offices?
In order to provide the best service while maintaining our industry leading prices, we request that all orders be placed online through our website.  We have designed our order form to be easy and intuitive. We are happy to also schedule a phone consultation if you need additional assistance, have a few questions or just want to chat. Due to the volume of orders we receive, we are unable to offer in office appointments.

We are committed to adhering to this production schedule, so regret that we cannot offer faster print times.

I have a file I have already designed. Can you print my invitations? 
I have already printed my invitations and just need envelopes addressed.

We only print invitations designed and offered on our website. We regret we are unable to print client supplied files or address envelopes that are not part of a suite designed and printed by EventPrints. 

If you are ready to place your order, please fill out our order form. You may order even if you don't have your final quantity. You can add that anytime prior to approving your order to print.

Receiving your custom proofs
Your initial set of proofs is ready in just 3-4 business days from the time we receive your order and deposit. Subsequent edits are completed in a speedy 1-2 days (typically just 1 day).

Placing your order and making your deposit
Sorry, we cannot accept orders by phone or email. For better accuracy, all orders must be placed online using our customization form. It is designed to organize your information and ensure that you have not omitted important information. It also allows our designers to work more efficiently and thereby offer you the lowest pricing for our premium invitations. If you requested a phone consultation, you may elect to complete your deposit before or after we speak. After your $195 deposit is received and after your consultation (if requested) we will begin working on your proofs. Your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE once you send us edits to your first round of proofs or approval to print if no changes are needed. 

3 pm is the magical time each business day!
Our daily cutoff is 3 pm eastern time. Deposits made, phone consultations completed or approval to print received after 3 pm will be checked in the next business morning.

Printing and paying for your invitations
Printing begins after you approve all proofs, including guest addressing and complete your payment for the balance due. Payments received by 3 pm eastern time will be entered into our production queue same day. After 3 pm, your order turn time will begin on the next business day. 
We accept all major credit cards and ACH e-checks. Print time is 5 business days (one calendar week, excluding holidays), so if you approve and complete payment your order on a Tuesday, it will usually ship on the following Tuesday. If you cancel your order prior to approving your order to print, you will only owe your initial deposit. Once we receive your final payment, we will begin printing your invitations and your order is non-cancellable and non-refundable. 

What parts of the invitation can I change for free?
We want you to be able to make each invitation your own, and you can change the most requested items at no cost. These include:
- Change the colors of the text
- Change the colors of most graphics used in your design (some images are photo based and changing the colors are an additional charge)
- Add, delete or edit most text. For instance, add party details to the invitation
- Change main invitation type from forced justification to center justification, or the reverse
- Our most popular matte papers are included free, while there is a small charge for our shimmer paper stocks of $0.25 per item
- Add a Hebrew name or phrase. Complete our Hebrew form online
- Change the font used for the child's name

What edits will cost extra?

We offer the most requested edits for free, but there are a few items that may incur an extra charge. Some edits may seem simple at first glance, but are actually very challenging and take a lot of design time due to the way these changes affect other elements in your invitation.

- Changes to the fonts (other than the child's name) used in your invitation
- Changes to the layout of the invitation that require us to reposition text and graphics
- Changing your template or invitation design after receiving your first set of proofs
- Adding a logo or custom graphic that you provide to us

Using your custom invitation colors

We suggest choosing your colors from our standard color pallet to ensure consistency. If you wish to use a custom Pantone color or a CMYK color that you provide, we are happy to use this color, but color matching is not guaranteed. We also require a printed proof stage to ensure it prints as you expect. The charge for a proof is $35 which also includes Priority Mail delivery.

Invitation fonts
Fonts used in your invitation are often created exclusively for us, or often adapted from their original format.  As such, we are unable to provide font names as they may not match or be commercially available for purchase

Can I change the invitation design after I place my order?
The charge for changing the invitation to a different design is $125 for an hour of custom design service, and includes an extra proof and editing round so you have opportunity to make any additional edits.

Can I receive a printed proof?

The standard option is to receive a high res pdf proof via email, and the majority of our clients find this works very well. But, we do offer the option to receive a printed proof if your schedule permits. Or, if you have chosen a color that is not on our printed pallet of colors, we require a printed proof. The charge for a printed proof is $35 and includes Priority Mail 2 day service. Please allow 3 business days for your proof, plus delivery time (typically 2 days to the east coast, south and midwest, 4 days to the west coast).

How many editing rounds are complimentary?
Orders for pur standard printed invitation packages receive two free rounds of edits for your invitation proofs and one for guest addressing. Additional editing rounds are available for $25 per round if needed. 
Additional editing and proof fees do NOT count towards your order minimum. 

Can you use a font that I found online or would like to supply to you?

We regret that we are unable to use a font that you may have found elsewhere. Many downloadable fonts, especially those that you may have downloaded for free, may work in your word processing program, but will not be readable by our professional page layout, illustration and variable data addressing software. We offer dozens of creative, high quality fonts to use in your invitation and invite you to browse our invitation portfolio for additional font options, or download our font catalog to see all of the fonts we offer. You may change the font used for the name for free, while a small charge applies for other font changes.

How do I set up my mailing list?

CLICK HERE for a sample template and additional info. Please note, we must have your data in a spreadsheet - sorry, no Word files or PDFs. We regret we are unable to address envelopes which are not part of a concurrent invitation order.

What is the shipping charge?
Invitations are shipped to the 48 states for a flat rate of $19.95 regardless of order size. You may choose to have your order shipped to your home or office, and can specify this during the proof approval process. For Save the Date cards, the shipping charge is $19. The shipping charge for reorders is $19. Printed invitations that are part of our Online and Print Combo Packages ship for $15.

Replacement warranty on damaged invitations
We will reprint and replace any invitation order that has errors caused by us or are damaged during shipping. 
We do not offer financial compensation for printing errors or invitations damaged during shipping. We want your invitations to be perfect, so please examine them immediately upon receipt. We carefully inspected and packed your invitations so they arrive in perfect condition, but in the unlikely event you see anything wrong, please let us know right away. Please don't mail invitations that are damaged, as our warranty is limited to replacement of defective invitations.  

We offer our original classic size invitation and standard size invitations at special savings. Slightly smaller than our classic invitations but with the same great design. Plus, our standard square shape invitation can save you 50 cents on printing and postage compared to our classic size square! Learn more.

Our invitations can be ordered as a square or rectangular shape even if it is not shown that way.
Please note that changing the shape or template after receiving your first proof will incur an additional charge to cover the redesign.

Standard Square: Invitation - 5.625" x 5.625", Celebration or Weekend card - 5" x 5" with matching Outer Envelope - 6" x 6"
Classic Square: Invitation - 7.25" x 7.25", Celebration or Weekend card - 5.5" x 5.5" with matching Outer Envelope - 7.5" x 7.5" (postage surcharge applies)

Standard Rectangle: Invitation - 5" x 7", Celebration or Weekend card - 5" x 5" with matching Outer Envelope - 7.25" x 5.25"
Classic Rectangle: Invitation - 5.375" x 7.875", Celebration or Weekend card - 5.375" x 5.375" with matching Outer Envelope - 8.125" x 5.5"

5.5" x 4.25” with matching 5.75" x 4.375" envelope


5.5" x 4.25” printed one sided with matching 5.75" x 4.375" envelope
Thank you notes are printed on our 120# matte white paper to make it easier to write on, regardless of the invitation paper ordered.

We are happy to provide estimates for postage, but strongly recommend you take your invitation to your post office to confirm rates before purchasing postage.
Please ensure you are using the correct postage. 

All rectangle shaped invitations:

Invitation with up to one party card (weighing up to 1 ounce): $0.68
Invitation with inserts, liners or reply cards: $0.92

Square invitations:

Standard size: 5.625 x 5.625
Invitation with up to one party card (weighing up to 1 ounce): $1.12
Invitation with inserts, liners or reply cards: $1.36

Classic Size: 7.25 x 7.25

Invitation with up to one party card (weighing up to 1 ounce): $1.39
Invitation with inserts, liners or reply cards: $1.63

Reply card envelopes:


We suggest verifying postage on the US Postal Service Web Site

Can you add my logo to your invitations?
Yes, we can add most logos which are original designs. We prefer .ai or .eps files but can also accept a .png file. No jpg files please. There is a charge of $25 to place your logo.

Unfortunately, we are unable to design or print a logo you supply which includes or is inspired by trademarked or copyrighted content, including corporate logos, cartoon or movie characters, major sporting events or special events. This means we cannot use logos with any design element or stylized type which are based on another logo. Due to recent aggressive litigation from many trademark owners towards printers such as ourselves, we are never able to make exceptions to this policy unless you receive written approval from the trademark owner. Thank you for your understanding.

Is it hard to customize the invitations with my information?
Not at all - our design team handles this for you! You only need to decide on your personalization and colors. Or leave them just like they are. We also provide lots of samples to help inspire you. If you need some extra help, our Idea Consultants will help guide you through the process.

At EventPrints, our skilled graphic artists take your info and customize your invitation just for you. The result is a polished, stunning invitation that you will be proud to send to your family and friends.

If you need ideas on wording, we have that, too!  Click for Invitation Wording samples.

Are there paper choices and do they cost extra?

We offer several premium papers from which you may choose. Our most popular matte papers are included free, while there is a small charge for our Ultra heavy weight or pearlized shimmer paper stocks of $0.25 per item. Please note we are unable to print on client provided paper or envelopes. Invitations printed as part of our Online and Print Combo packages are printed on our 120# matte paper only.

When you request your samples, we'll include a paper swatch book. Please note that thank you notes are printed on our uncoated Environment Bright paper to make it easier to write on, regardless of the invitation paper ordered. Printed invitations from our Online Packages are printed on our 120# matte white paper only. 

Can I order samples of your invitations?
Absolutely - you can order up to three samples completely free of charge. Or for $10 you can order four to six samples and we will upgrade you to 2-3 day priority mail shipping as well. If you have questions or would prefer to chat with someone, we are delighted to speak with you.

Do you have a minimum order?
Our order minimum for printed invitations only or print and digital hybrid packages is $395 excluding tax and shipping. Our suites are priced a la carte so you can order only the pieces you want. There is a 50 piece minimum for most items, while some speciality items have higher minimums. If ordering multiple versions of any item, we have a reduced minimum of 25 pieces after the first version plus a small set up fee. Review all of our prices and use our instant pricing tool for your total. 
Additional editing and proof fees do NOT count towards your order minimum. 

Some custom products and event decor are not included in our minimum order amount.

Can I order more than one version of an item, such as two different reply cards?
Yes, there is a $15 charge for adding each additional version of a party, weekend, or reply card, while an extra version of the invitation adds $25.

Do I need to order the same quantity of every item? Do I have to order in certain increments?
Unlike other invitation companies, you may order different quantities of every item. There is a 50 piece minimum for most items and you can order in increments of 5 after the minimum quantity. As an example, 105 invitations and 75 party cards. We never make you pay for extras you don't need, but we do suggest ordering a few extras, as reprints are much more expensive.

Can I put information on the back of the party or weekend card, not just the design pattern?

Yes, if you have a lot of content and would like to use both sides, we offer an upgrade to a double sided card for $1.95 each. The standard option at $1.30 per card includes your custom content on one side of the card with the invitation design on the back side.

Do you offer a reply postcard?
We only offer reply cards with the matching envelope.

Will my screen colors match the printed invitation colors?
We make every effort to ensure that your invitations match our digital proofs, but every monitor is different and colors may vary dependent on your device. Please do not rely on your on screen image to assess how a color will actually print. We recommend ordering samples of the designs you like or refer to our color guide sent with every sample packet to see how our colors will print.

Can you add foil to invitation I purchased elsewhere? Can you address my envelopes I purchased elsewhere?
We only foil print or address items when we supply them and when we print the entire piece.

Can you stuff and mail my invitations for me?
We do not offer mailing services. Quite often, you may wish to send a different reply card or event card to different guests, so we find it best that you handle this final step yourself. You may wish to enlist the services of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child so they feel part of the process!


Yes. We suggest ordering extras of every item with your original order, but sometimes you need a few extra items. 
Our reorder minimum is 25 pieces per item, with a minimum of $25 per order for most items, plus shipping.

INVITATION ITEMS, such an the invitation, party card and thank you notes:
If ordering reply cards or thank you cards, your reorder includes the envelope with your return address, just as you received with your initial order. If your original order included an envelope liner, you may elect to include the liner or remove it. All other items must reprint exactly as initially ordered. 

ENVELOPES: a separate minimum applies to envelope addressing

Envelopes with the return address only: 
Our reorder minimum is 25 pieces per item, with a minimum of $25 per order. If you are reordering reply cards or thank you cards, they include the envelopes so you don't need to place a separate envelope reorder. 

Envelopes with addressing plus the return address on the flap: 
Our addressing reorder minimum is $45 per order in addition to the invitation charge.

FOIL PRINTING: If your invitation reorder includes foil printing, there is a separate minimum reorder of $85 to cover foil printing setup.

If you need to re-order or reprint any items, please allow 5 business days for invitations, or 3 business days for envelopes when ordered before 3pm eastern time. UPS Ground shipping for reorders is $14.95.



Want to use your invitation design on other items?  For the ultimate in convenience and quality, we offer many party decor options and encourage you to browse our party decor store.

Can you send me a file of my invitation?

After completing payment of your qualifying printed invitation order, you may order a 72 dpi digital file of your invitation for $25 per item. Items may include the main invitation, celebration card, weekend event card, RSVP card or your stylized name logo. Each item ordered is $25 and does not count towards the print invitation minimum. If you order a digital file of the stylized name logo, we will also include a print ready pdf file for that item in addition to the jpg file. 

Here is how to request either item: 
Request image of invitation front side    Request Name Logo

What types of payment do you accept? Can you split the invoice into two (someone else is paying a portion)?
We accept major credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) plus online checks. Atlanta clients may also pay in person at our showroom. We'll email your final invoice at least one day before shipping. Final payment is due before your order ships. Yes, we can split the invoice into two if you find this convenient.

Important Notice Regarding Sales and Use Tax

We collect and remit sales tax for shipments delivered in the State of Georgia. We are not required to and do not collect sales tax in other states. Shipments to other states may be subject to sales or use tax unless the purchase is specifically exempt. Please note that there is no exemption from state sales or use tax based merely on the fact that a purchase is made over the Internet, by catalog, or by other remote means. Some states require that a consumer declare sales or use tax to be paid annually on the appropriate tax forms. Additional information may be found on the respective Department of Revenue website.

Do you have any deals or specials?

We offer tremendous value, flexibility and quality that others simply can't match. Our most popular special is our free return addressing on EVERY envelope for pur print only packages, which means savings of $1.50 or more for each invitation. The typical invitation order saves more than $200 with this exclusive offer.

How long have you been in business?

EventPrints, and our parent company, Presentech, are now in our 32nd year of business. We are a well established company and are members of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia, the Speciality Graphics Imaging Association of America and an HP Authorized Print Center.

Shortages and adjustments

We take great care in ensuring that all items you order are sent to you. In each shipment a packing slip will be enclosed listing all of the items in that shipment. Please check your shipment against the packing slip and inspect each item. Shortages or damages must be reported within 72 hours of receipt of package. After 72 hours, any replacement items will be invoiced at their regular pricing.


To request printed info or samples:

Click to access our online request form. Once you see our printing in person, we know you'll be impressed!

If you'd like to send us an email:
We respond very quickly during business hours. Email us at [email protected].

Our hours:
You can reach us Monday - Thursday from 9am - 6pm, and Fridays from 9am - 5pm.

If you'd like to give us a call:

In Atlanta: 404 745-9590
Outside of Atlanta: 800 436-9335


If you'd like to make a payment, please email us and we'll be happy to assist you. Or call during east coast business hours at 800-436-9335 or 404-745.9590.