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We'll send you 3 free samples on the house!  
When you see our amazing print quality, we know you'll be amazed, so we're happy to send your favorites to you with our compliments. You may notice how most invitation sellers charge for printed samples. Since we're the designer and printer, we can do things that others can't and at prices they don't dare offer!

Your complimentary package will include:
Your free sample invitations, a paper swatch book with all of our premium invitation papers (we never charge extra for premium papers), a printed color guide, plus a sample of our addressed envelopes and backer cards. 

Want more than three samples? We don't blame you, there are so many great choices!
Click here to receive up to six free samples for $10.
If you live in Canada, please complete our sample request for Canadian addresses.

We respect your privacy.
We never sell or distribute your information to any other company and will never call you with a sales call.

Samples are sent exactly as shown on our site, but your actual invitations will include the colors you choose. 
Limit of 3 free samples per family or address.  We reserve the right to cancel requests which appear to be from the same family.