Hebrew customization

You can add up to two lines of Hebrew to your invitation for free!  
NEW! We now offer a choice of 12 different Hebrew fonts!  Choose the one you like best. If no selection is made, we'll use Font One. 

It's easy to provide the Hebrew name you'd like on your invitation. 
1.  Select a font if you have a preference.
2:  Note the number below for each Hebrew letter in your name or phrase.
3:  Enter the number for each letter in the grid below. 

Since Hebrew reads from right to left, the first letter of your name should be in box L. Enter additional letters moving from right to left. 
In other words, the first letter of the Hebrew name will be on the RIGHT SIDE of the grid. 
The last letter of the Hebrew name will be on the LEFT side of the form. 
Leave a blank space between words or names. 

First, note the font you would like (we'll use font one if no selection is made)

Second: Enter the number corresponding to each letter you would like in the boxes below. 
The letters at the top of each column in the grid below are for our use only and will not print.

After you are finished, click the SUBMIT button.

You may wish to share this form with your Rabbi or Hebrew teacher to complete the form. Just copy the web address at the top of the page and email it to them.
We are unable to proof your Hebrew content, so we also strongly suggest sending the invitation proof to them as well, so they may verify accuracy.