Fastest Invitation Printing

EventPrints is faster than virtually every premium invitation company! 

Why is EventPrints so much faster than everyone else?
Whether you purchase from an invitation book at a stationary store, or from another online invitation site, the surprising truth is that most companies don't print their own invitations. They outsource the actual printing to wholesale printers who add your order to their production queue, where you are grouped with dozens, if not hundreds of other orders. When you see turn times of weeks and weeks, this is likely the reason.

EventPrints is different.  We started 28 years ago as a premium printing company, so your order is professionally printed in our own state of the art print facility.  Not only does this ensure a higher quality invitation, but it means you never wait in line behind other orders.  You always come first with us, and your order is printed much more quickly. 

How long does the process take?
Because we do our own printing, we offer some of the fastest print times in the premium invitation industry.

Your custom proofs
Your initial proof, customized and designed just for you, is ready in just 3-4 business days from the time we receive your order and deposit. In fact, 95% of our proofs are ready in just 3 days. Subsequent edits are completed in a speedy 1-2 days (typically just 1 day). 

Printing your invitations after proof approval
Printing begins after you approve all proofs. Orders approved by 3 pm eastern time will be entered same day. After 3 pm, your order will be entered for printing on the next business day. 

Print time is just 5 business days (one calendar week, excluding holidays). If you approve your order on a Tuesday, it will usually ship on the following Tuesday. We process orders every day of the business week, so you can approve your order any business day and we enter it for printing on that same day. We don't limit our printing to only certain days of the week. The day you approve your order is the day we start printing!  

If you add a backer card to your invitation, we'll add one day to your production time due to the care we take to expertly apply the backer. If you add foil printing, add 2 business days.

Here's a helpful diagram to better show our fast service times. 

When should I start my invitation planning?
We generally suggest contacting us 3-4 months before your event. As your event date draws near, you will undoubtedly become busier, so getting the invitation out of the way is a great idea. Most invitations can be completed in about three weeks from start to finish (depending on the number of edits and how fast you approve each round). If you have a tight deadline, we can often turn around your entire order from design to shipping in as little as 2 calendar weeks with minimal edits.

If you're impressed by our print times, wait until you browse our stunning designer invitations!