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If you have a professionally designed invitation file and are looking for high quality printing, EventPrints may be able to help! 

We're invitation experts, so who better to trust with your invitation?  Your order will be professionally printed on beautiful invitation paper. And, we'll include the matching envelope with return address for free when you design to our stock sizes! We have a few important guidelines to ensure your files will print correctly, so please take a moment to review the following information. 

Just like ordering from our online portfolio, we includes lots of extras and upgrades.
Free Envelopes!
Of course you'll need a beautiful envelope with your invitation order so we'll include them with our compliments. Just be sure to design your file to one of the three sizes listed below (other sizes will NOT include envelopes). We aren't able to print on client provided envelopes so it's best to design your invitations to our stock sizes.

Premium Paper Upgrade!
We offer our two most popular paper options when printing your invitations: matte white cover (included) or pearl white (a shimmer paper that costs a little extra).

Please note, we are not able to print on paper you may have purchased, as they will not work with our commercial press. You must select one of our two paper options. Thank you notes are printed on matte white cover regardless of the invitation paper ordered (it's easier to write on).

We can address your envelopes, too!
Why struggle with addressing your invitations? We'll address your envelopes from your Excel list for just 89ยข each with a 50 piece minimum.

Add a reply card or thank you note:
We can also print your reply cards or thank you notes if you provide a file for these items. Cards are 5.5" wide x 4.25" tall

Add a Party Celebration card or Weekend Event card
We can also print your celebration cards if you provide a file for these items, Your file should be 5.5" x 5.5" if ordering the Classic size invitation and 5.375" x 5.375" for the Standard size. All files must have crop marks and bleed.

In order to ensure great printing on our presses, you MUST adhere to these guidelines: 

Your print file MUST include crop marks and bleed!
We can only print from a professionally designed print file with crop marks and at least 1/8" bleed. If you are unable to include crops and bleed, we regret that we will not be able to print your order. Sorry, we cannot add them to a file that is missing crop marks. 

What are crops and bleed? We're glad you asked!
To ensure accurate cutting, we require crop marks and 1/8" bleed on all files. All important text and graphics should also be at least 1/4" from the page edge (this is the safe area as it ensures nothing gets cut off during trimming.) We'll show this visually:

Other file details: 
- All graphics and logos should be CMYK or Pantone Coated. never RGB. RGB looks great on a monitor, but not when printed.
- Your images should be vector (such as an Illustrator file) or at least 150 dpi at full size.
- Your print file should be a press-ready pdf or Illustrator. Sorry, we don't accept any other file types, such as Word or a jpg. 
- We strongly suggest you outline fonts and embed all imported graphics (required for Illustrator files). 

Have a photo or Photoshop file?
Please place it into a page layout program, such as InDesign, then save it as a pdf with crop marks and 0.125" bleed. If your invitation is 2-sided (4/4), create a 2 page file and page 2 is the backside of the invitation. Do not send two separate pdf files for any 2-page piece. Minimum resolution is 150 dpi.

Have a file that you saved from another online invitation company proof or a file designed for email?
We cannot accept or print files designed through another online invitation company, or one intended to be sent as an email invitation. These files are likely created at screen resolution, not the higher quality resolution we need for professional quality printing. In addition, files created using the design software from an online seller are often copyrighted. Your file must be designed using illustration or page layout software owned by you or your graphic designer.

Size options:
For the invitation you may choose of the following sizes. If you design your pieces to one of these sizes, we'll also include complimentary envelopes with your return address printed on the flap. We only stock envelopes in these sizes, so if your invitation is another size, you'll have to order your own envelopes. 

Classic Sizes:
Rectangle shaped Invitation:  5.375" wide x 7.875" tall
Square shaped invitation: 7.25" x 7.25" 

Celebration or Weekend Event card:: 5.5" wide x 5.5" tall 
Reply card or flat thank you notes: 5.5" wide x 4.25" tall

Standard Sizes: 
Rectangle shaped Invitation:  5" x 7" (wide or tall)
Square shaped invitation: 5.625" x 5.625"

Celebration or Weekend Event card: 5.375" x 5.375"
Reply card or flat thank you notes: 5.5" wide x 4.25" tall

Some additional important info:
- Send a file for each item you are ordering, such as the invitation, reply card, party card and thank you notes. 
- If your item is 2-sided, page 2 of your pdf file will print as side 2.
- We are not able to print designs which include copyrighted or trademarked elements, such as movie or sports team logos.
- We reserve the right to reject any file which we deem inappropriate.

Our prices represent tremendous value, and include a free review of your file, free envelopes when designed to our stock sizes, free premium paper upgrades and free return address printing! Our order minimum is $395 with at least 50 quantity of any item. Please review our pricing list for additional info. 

A printed proof is required for client provided orders
To ensure you are happy with the way your file prints on our presses, orders which use client provided files require a printed proof stage. After all, chances are you've never seen it professionally printed, and every press is different. A printed proof ensures there are no surprises. The cost for a printed proof is $35 and includes Priority Mail. Your proof cost may be applied to your order minimum.

Due to the extra time and cost of working with client files, coupons or other discounts are not available when printing from your files. A non refundable $95 deposit is required when placing your order, and covers only a small portion of preparing your files and printing your proofs. Once we approve your files and print your proofs, the deposit is not refundable, even if you change your mind after receiving your proofs. 

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