Request 1 to 2 Free Samples

We invite you to choose up to 2 free invitations samples to see our incredible print quality in person. Or, up to 4 samples, free after rebate.

Samples are sent with a sample of our two most popular papers and a color swatch book. Your samples are mailed with our compliments and we cover everything - even shipping! 

Or, select our deluxe sample pack with up to 4 samples and we'll also include our backer card and a full paper swatch book. When you Select up to 4 samples for $10, we'll also rebate the cost when you place an order within 6 months. Your final net cost is $0!

Our minimum order is $395 plus tax and shipping with a 50 piece order minimum.
That's less than half the minimum order of most premium invitation companies!

Only first 2 samples sent free. If you order 2 samples now and 2 more later, we'll request a $10 payment to defray the additional shipping and the $10 discount offer does not apply. There is a limit of 2 free samples per family, your relatives ordering on your behalf or address. We reserve the right to cancel multiple requests which appear to be from the same extended family.