Request 4 to 6 Samples

We invite you to choose up to 6 invitation samples to see our incredible print quality in person.
We'll also include lots of other goodies, such as a color guide and samples of all of our paper choices. A $10 charge applies for this offer, but when you place your invitation order we'll apply a $10 instant rebate to your final invoice so your final cost is FREE!

If you ordered three samples in the past and would like up to 3 additional samples
You may also use this form and add up to 3 additional invitations for $10 (with the 3 you already received, this counts as your 6 total). The $10 discount offer does not apply if you previously received free samples from us to cover the double shipping. 

Our minimum order is $395 plus tax and shipping with a 50 piece invitation minimum.
That's less than half the minimum of most premium invitation companies. 

To receive the $10 discount, place your invitation order within 6 months of receiving your samples. $395 minimum order AFTER coupon is applied. Add tax and shipping if applicable. We reserve the right to cancel multiple requests which appear to be from the same extended family.