The secret truth about buying invitations

At EventPrints, we take invitation printing pretty seriously. 
We don't cut corners or hide expensive surcharges that can quickly inflate your total. To help you make an informed buying decision, we shopped the competition so you don't have to.  What we found may surprise you!  

Unlike the competition, we never print our name on the back of the invitation
This one really shocked us. We sampled the invitations of our competitors (even the expensive ones), and most print their name on the back side of the invitation. The way we see it, this is a fine invitation, not a greeting card, so we never print our name on the invitation. Ask another company if they print their company name on your invitation. They will try to justify it to you and make excuses, but we think you have a right to demand that they do not.

Only EventPrints offers truly free return address printing in matching colors
Of course you need your return address on the invitation envelope flap. And, of course you need it on the front of the RSVP card envelope. After all, you can't hand write them and small envelopes don't go though home printers very well. Plus, it doesn't always look very nice. We found one online retailer charging $3 for each set of return addresses printed. 

At EventPrints, we include your return address on EVERY envelope for free: the invitation envelope, and if you order them, RSVP envelopes and thank you card envelopes. Even better, we print your return address in the same colors and style as your invitation design, so everything is perfectly coordinated. That's something that others don't offer at any price.

At EventPrints, you can change the colors to your favorite colors
You love an invitation but your daughter wants purple and teal. At EventPrints, most of our invitation designs can be changed to your color choices at no extra charge. We want to do everything to make your invitation something you can proudly call your own. Even better, our design team makes the edits for you. We never ask you to attempt this yourself. 

EventPrints offers a lower minimum order
We found a popular premium invitation seller that requires a $1,000 minimum order - ouch! And most stationery store books require similar minimums. At EventPrints, our minimum order is less than half of theirs, just $395. We also make it easier to reach the minimum. You can include the invitation, reply card, thank you card, party card, guest list addressing and foil printing. Most sites also inflate their prices for smaller orders. We offer our best price everyday for every size order. 

Invitations from bargain sellers are really small
Images in your side view mirror are not the only things that are smaller than they appear. One way that bargain sellers keep their prices artificially low is to print a tiny invitation. It's not readily apparent on their web sites, but the awful surprise comes when you open the box. After all, you want your invitation to represent the importance of this special day, not look like a greeting card. Compare ours with theirs:

Compare square invitations:       
EventPrints 7.25" x 7.25"        
Bargain Sellers: 5.25" x 5.25"   >> Our invitations are 2" larger!

Compare rectangle invitations: 
EventPrints 7.875" x 5.375"     
Bargain Sellers: 7.00" x 5.00"  

Some companies mislead you on the time it takes to really print your invitations
Everyone wants their invitations as quickly as possible, so we offer super fast printing. Approve your order by 3 pm weekdays, and we ship your finished order in just five business days, which is one calendar week! You can approve your order on any weekday and it is always just five business days for printing. 

We found one invitation company that advertises a one week turn time, too, but they then add 2 days to "prep your files". And they only process orders on Mondays If you approve your order on a Tuesday, guess what? You have to wait almost a full week before they even check it in. Suddenly, their one week turn has turned into almost 3 weeks. We offer true one week printing. No games, no bait and switch. 

Our professional design team handles the design work so you don't have to
With low cost invitations, you are usually limited on the degree of customization you can make. Online sites make you type in your info into predefined fields. Want to say more of add some extra text fields? Sorry, you are out of luck. Want to change the size of your child's name? Nope, can't do that. Want to add your party info to the bottom of the invitation? It's not going to happen. And, if you haven't tried it yet, laying out your invitation online is REALLY difficult!

At EventPrints, our professional graphic design team handles your customization based on what YOU want. You don't have to try and figure it out yourself. We handle the design so your invitation looks like a custom piece. After all, you would expect nothing less. Want to add the street address for the temple? Sure thing. Want to remove your son's middle name? Absolutely. Whatever you want, we can usually find a way to make it happen. And we don't charge extra for this service!

EventPrints offers industry leading print quality
We found a popular invitation company charging extra for what they call "High Definition" printing. It makes us wonder, why would they sell anything that is "low definition"? All of our printing is state of the art and the highest quality you'll likely find at any invitation vendor. Our very best quality is all that we would ever sell you. 

We sell direct so you receive our best price everyday
Walk into a stationary store, and right off the bat, you're giving 50% of the price to the store or reseller. Did you know that very few companies actually print their own invitations? They usually outsource them to a wholesale printer (which, by the way, can affect their ability to catch color and quality issues). If you're looking at invitations from another company, ask them if they print on site. The answer may surprise you (even though we suspect they may offer an alternate truth when they answer.)

We're a bit different. We design every invitation in house and print every invitation on site using our own state of the art presses. It's the main way we can offer ultra premium invitations at such low prices. 

You can order different quantities of each item
Need 100 invitations, but only 50 party cards and 75 reply cards?  It's not a problem at EventPrints. Try that at another company and you'll likely be told that you must order the same quantity of every item. The reason is simple. They batch print your order at a large wholesale printer, so they can't custom print different quantities. Since we are the printer, we're happy to offer this money saving option!

When you look at all we offer, we think 
you'll agree that EventPrints offers amazing designs at an incredible value!